Sur-Ron LightBee X

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Sur-ron X 2021 is built for off-roading and fun! Model X is designed for rough terrain, forest and mountain rides or just riding around town! The Sur Ron X bike rides well in mud and even snow!

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Frame material - forged aluminum alloy

Drive - chain

Max. speed - 80 km / h

Beс - 47 kg

Battery - lithium-ion (on Panasonic cells)

Battery voltage - 60 volts

Battery capacity - 32 Ah

Charging time - 3.5 hours

Travel range - up to 100 km on a single charge

Wheel diameter - 17 'or 19'

Peak power - up to 6000 watts !!!

Maximum load - 120 kg

Brakes - disc, hydraulic, 4-piston

2021 Sur-Ron models compare favorably with the new electronic throttle stick, which gives more precise response and acceleration control. Problems with wear of the mechanical throttle cable also disappear.

New key! more secure, smaller, stylish.

Battery with a ventilation hole for ventilation from possible condensation accumulation.

and it is important, new batteries are always better than last year's! More power, longer life!

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