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Sur-Ron Xbike Enduro

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Electric bike power 18000w 

The battery is 2.7 times larger than the standard battery, at 5.2 kWh 

qs138 70h motor delivers unrivaled torque without overheating 

Controlled recuperation - the rear brake is first braked by the engine and only at the end - by the shoes. 

2 speeds and reverse 

Oversized 58-tooth chainring for even more traction 

Reliable gear drive, with 428 DID chain. 

Increased wheelbase by 6cm 

Increased ground clearance by 3cm and rear suspension travel by 5cm 

Wide enduro tires 100/90/19 

High enduro seat for maximum comfort 

Stainless steel motor protection 

Mud front fender 

Mud guard for rear shock absorber

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